Wish You Happy Friendship Day 2016 - Best Gadgets And Gift Ideas To Gift Your Special Buddy

“Walking with a Friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”
       Hello Buddies !! Friends are the part of life, no human can ever live happily on this planet without a friend, would you? Come on don’t tell me that you can. Mother, father or any family member may be a good friend of you. Here I have got you some interesting Friendship Day 2016 Gift Ideas for your best friend.
      Yeah, it’s not just our chubby buddies, school, or college friends, we often find many friends who support us, and make us feel that everything sounds perfect them. So, how about celebrating this Friendship Day with each and every friend who made our life colourful?

       I have already planned my day and bought lots of gifts to surprise my buddies. Now it’s your turn to plan the day. I know that most of you are excited about Friendship day celebrations and have already planned a day out with the gang, but I’m pretty sure that most of you are stuck selecting gifts for Friendship Day.  Don’t worry; I have put some efforts to list out few awesome and unexpected Friendship Day Gift Ideas.These ideas could really be different because, I have got some technical things also as gifts. 

1. Samsung Gear VR Headset:

       Virtual Reality is an amazing emerging technology in current time. Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset would enable you to showcase a real environment wherein you would be able to watch the actual world. You will feel your presence in the environment you are viewing on the headset. 

       Samsung Gear VR headset is equipped with Fully Adjustable VR Glasses, VR Headset for VR Video Gaming, Movies, Pictures, and is compatible with all Android Samsung Galaxy. So the selection of this gadget would cut your pocket, but your friends would enjoy using the gadget.

2. Sony DualShock 3 Controller:

        What about a gaming pad? If your friend enjoys playing games, this would be the best friendship gift for him/her. There are wide ranges of gaming pads available in the market. Few of the gaming pads are even capable of getting connected with smartphones or Tablets.
        Sony Dual Shock Controller has pressure sensors and is equipped with high-tech motion sensors technology that can sense your moves smoothly. Features Bluetooth technology and can connect with up to seven wireless controllers at a time. The two important aspects of this gadget are reliability and secondly the long lasting ability of this gadget.

3. Lenovo PA13000 13000mAh Powerbank:

         Does your friend suffer from battery issues? Yes. Don’t worry this gadget would solve this issue. Since smartphone usage has increased a lot since past time, a lot of smartphone users would be facing battery issues. For such Phone bugs or Phone addicts, power banks act as a savior. 
lenovo power bank
        Lenovo Power bank is made up of matte plastic exterior giving it a beautiful look. It has dual USB ports through which can charge two smartphones simultaneously whenever and wherever needed. This Lenovo gadget carries one year warranty period from the date of purchase. Now your friends can continuously use their smartphones without worrying about the battery drain.

4. Philips BT-50G Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

       Parties are something which everyone loves to be a part off. Can you imagine a party without music and dance? Well, I can’t.  This Portable Bluetooth speaker features multi-LED light show and act as handy music systems which can be used to play music anytime.
       Through this Bluetooth speaker, you can wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Philips speakers have passive radiators that release high-quality music. You and your friend can party hard without worrying about the music. If your friend loves music, gift them this gadget on friendship day.

5. Fitbit Blaze:

      Well, if you care about your friend’s health and fitness, this gadget would be a nice gifting option. It is the combination of smartwatch and fitness tracker, best for beginners. Constituting a big screen making the visibility of activity status and workout stats clear. It constantly provides heart rate data and workout data on the wrist. 

Fitbit Blaze
      I recently read a superb article in Hindu  The deal about buddies .It was all about a good friendship and  how well you resolve the issue and stick onto each other.”   http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-metroplus/the-deal-about-buddies/article8950046.ece

Hey Buddies !!!Here are some awesome things to buy for your friend .Sooooooon !!!! Buy for them....... 

Personalised Phone Case:
The best gift for your friend on the occasion of friendship day is a personalised phone case. A specially designed phone case will be a perfect gift for your friend.
You can also plan for jewellery, like a stylish pendant or a simple ring. Girls love pendants and rings, so how about impressing your friend with the same. You will find best deals on jewellery for friendship day.
Chocolates and Sweets:
This friendship day you can gift a yummy and delicious chocolate or sweets box. You can also decorate a basket can put down your friend’s favourite chocolates or candies in the basket.
Spread your friendship and love with the fragrance of the perfume. This friendship day gift a beautifully wrapped perfume bottle to strengthen your bond.
Make some time to buy an affordable branded watch for your friend. Write a beautiful card, put it in the watch box and gift it to your friend on this special friendship day.
Bag/ Wallet:
How about a bag or wallet to your friend on Friendship day? If your friend loves tote bags you can get one for her, if it is a boy you can gift a wallet. You can choose a sporty, classy or luxury watches within your budget.
Does your friend like shopping? If so, discount coupons or vouchers in their favourite store will be a perfect gift on this friendship day.
Books are the perfect partners, so you gift an excellent and exciting book which is usually not expected on this day.
Designed Mugs:
A variety of designed personalised mugs is available in online or at a retail shop. You can get one as a gift for your friend on Friendship Day.
Bunch of Flowers:
A bunch of flowers can make this day lovely and rememberable with a card attached. Express all your friendship with beautiful roses or lavender tulips.
      I hope the above-mentioned ideas shall make your decision easy. By judging your friend’s requirement and interest, you can make the final decision. Lastly wishing all the superb friends a Happy Friendship Day!!!


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