Top 5 Unknown Tricks And Tips Of Apple iphone Every Apple Fan Should Know

         Hello buddies !! Today let's see about the Apple tricks and tips of apple iphone like How to charge a  Apple iphone very faster, How to do fast messaging in iphone,How to use a remainder app in the iphone etc. These are awesome tricks every apple fan should know it. Yeah !!  this post will be really useful for all the Apple die hard lovers .Here are Top 5 tricks and tips each Apple user should know it.


              Most Apple users will be aware of the reminders that can be set on your phone but there is  a neat trick to make them even more useful.

          The App is actually programmed to alert you when you get in and out of your car.So, if you don't want to forget something before you finish your work iPhone will warn you the minute you turn on the car.Or, if you want to buy something important an alarm will alert you when you park the car and get out of it.

 How this awesome trick works :

 1 • Go to the Reminder app and add a new entry by tapping the + icon.
 2 • Enter what you need to remember then toggle on "Remind me at a location.
 3 • Tap Location and then select "Getting in the car" or Getting out of the car".
 4 • As long as your car has a Bluetooth connection your iPhone will now alert you when you hit the road.

       Here is one of the awesome tricks of Apple that if you like to be sent to sleep with beautiful  sounds and musics.

Steps to Do it :

1. Simply go to the Clock app and press timer.
2. Next, tap the "When Timer Ends" button and select Stop Playing.
3. Then set the timer for the desired time and start your tunes – when the clock hits zero the music will stop.

How to charge is a apple mobile very faster ? 
      This is really a usual question by all apple users . Because the apple gadgets takes more time to get charged. here are the awesome tricks to charge your apple mobile at a faster rate.
Steps to charge apple mobile at a faster rate :
1.Swipe up on your home screen to reveal the control center and tap on the airplane icon.
2.This will put your phone in Airplane Mode – it will also mean your phone charges to full around 5 minutes faster.
3.Just make sure you remember to exit Airplane Mode when you're fully powered up.

4. ICE :
        This app won't be useful in all time , but entering your details in the Health app could really help if you have accident.

Steps to use the Health App :
1.Go to the Health app and tap Medical ID at the bottom right of the screen.
2.Then fill in as much detail as you want including health issues and contact names.
3.If someone finds you and your phone they can access these details by swiping right on the lock screen and tapping emergency.

     Do you want message your friends at a very high speed ?
Steps to do fast messaging :
1.When adding a symbol or number to a text, simply press and hold the number key.
2.Then, still pressing the screen, move your finger to the desired character.
3.Release your finger and the keyboard will automatically return to letters – so you can keep on typing.


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