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How To Play Games On Hike Messenger

        Hello Buddies  !!!  Today lets see about how to play games in hike messenger . This could a very interesting information for all hike users. Yeah !!! hike is a very consistent messaging app for all Indians and even for the people in overseas. The hike messenger became very famous among people  because of the awesome Stickers in it. 

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What is Hike Messenger :

      Hike messenger is a android messenger app developed by an Indian company to Chat and Share Files Without Internet Using Hike Direct.We can make  Free group calls with upto 100 people with the tap of a single button .It has a new feature of sending stickers to your friends.It also has many emoji's games etc.

        India's leading messenger platform hike has now entered into Gaming business with new feature Games .

       The company has now started testing beta version of ‘Games’ feature with four games Snake, Word Rush, Sudoku and Chess.These games runs within hike messaging platform. It comes with one-time setup of 3MB to enable seamless experience.

How  (or) Steps to play the Games within Hike :

  • In the chat window of Hike messenger click on Games
  • Select the Game from the list of games displayed and then install it within hike platform. 
  • Then start playing game..

What should you do before installing hike games :

       Hike games doesn’t require internet to run. while at the time of installation, your device should be connected to internet.

.       Hike has opened a way for all the game developers and other peoples interested in playing android games , Yeah !!! you can suggest the games which you want to add to the hike . 

        Currently hike Games is available only for android user. Games on hike will be supported on Android 4.0 or above, and minimum device RAM needed in 512 MB.

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