Happy Mother's Day 2016 : The Untold Story Of An Incredible Mother

       A mother is probably the one person we take for granted.  From the day we are born, and perhaps even before that, she teaches us most of what we know. Everyone learns how to walk, talk and ride a bicycle. But it is the greater lessons that mothers effortlessly squeeze into our growing up that we later find most valuable. 

The Lessons I Learnt from My Mother

        Hi viewers ,I would like to share my lovable  moments with my ever Sweetest mother and what lessons i have learnt from her until now. I would have been a waste thing in a garbage if i have not brought up by my ever sweetest women in the world  , my mother Mrs.Dharanineeswari. I had many  unhappy moments during my childhood times. There are many to say, but all those sorrow's disappeared from my heart now ,Since the best moments with my mother replaced those sorrow's. 

         Yeah !!! all the living things in the world have got a mother to feed and bring up them. But for me My mother is not one among them. She is the best than everything in the world .

I would have been aone among the waste in the garbage if i'm not brought up by you Amma.

         I used to call my mother with a nickname name Chali .Mostly i don't even use the word " amma " to call my mother. She don't even take it serious though i don't use the word "amma". What a sweet mom no ? Love u Amma .

        I have two  siblings a  brother doing his undergraduate and a sister Reshika doing her schooling as well.  

       I had a very interesting childhood days indeed  it was more sorrow too.I did my schooling in a very sophisticated school . Days were good until  i was doing my Fouth Standard After that ,due to some family issues my entire family  was shifted  to my mother's home town and continued my schooling here.When we were shifted to my mother town we did not even have any source for earning money to lead the life. But my Uncle and Granny were very much helpful to feed look of us , our schooling expenses, daily  expenses  and and many more .Just a thanks won't be enough to greet them . Love you Uncle  Granny.

       Soon , My mother got a job with a very low salary, which wont be enough for a individual to live a normal life with 3 time meal a day.But my mother made it. With the low salary she provided us a very good meal , clothing, education everything what we need . Its really a incredible and phenomenal work by a women. Not all can do it . I am very happy and gifted person have a  mother who is an Incredible  and a role model for other women in the world. She managed to run a very descent life with  three children's with a very low salary .

 I am very happy and gifted person have a  mother who is an Incredible  and a role model for other women in the world. 

         Day's were passing .........................................................................................

       After long year's, on 2012  i completed my schooling . Now its time for me to go into a good college to lead my life a descent one . But to join an engineering college it needs a huge sum of money around 1.5 lakhs. But is it possible to study an Engineering course with just a sum of Rs.6000 monthly salary in hand. But my mother made it possible . I joined a very descent and sophisticated engineering college in the Information Technology domain . She paid the huge  barrier amount for the first year around 1.5 lakhs. Can you think how it would have been done ?  "  Wow !!!!! Incredible " This should be the only answer for the question .But she did it. Each year she pays the 1 lakh amount in such a way that no one can even think of it. 

        Finally I completed my Undergraduate .........................  with all my mother's struggle.

       There are many to say about my mother, I don't think the entire page for this post wont be enough write about all her struggle's for us. Many thinks i have learnt from my mother , the very important one is Self determination and self belief.

      When you believe in yourself  you can do anything that is incredible. That's what my mum had done. She believed herself , she thought she can do everything though it had many barriers . Because of that she was able to run her life in a descent way with just a small amount of salary and has brought up three children's .The one among the three children is me ( Hari Kishan) now a Software Developer . This all happened because of her self determination, courage , discipline Self belief and hard working.

This all happened because of her self determination, courage , disicpline Self belief and hard working .

        Thank you all  my bothers , sisters and all those  whose have read this post , i hope so you will also take up these qualities to be self belief, courage, hardworking to have a descent life . 


--------------------   LOVE U CHALI -----------------

Waiting To Serve You Amma !!!!! 


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