Monday, May 23, 2016

Google Wants Your Help To Name It's New Android Version Android N

      Hey peps !! .It's quite interesting , Google wants your help to name its new Android Version  " Android N " .A new version of Android is on the way, but Google isn't announcing a name at Google I/O 2016 .

        Submit Your suggested Name here : Help Name Android N

      Google wants your help for its new version of Android . It has launched a website Help name Android N that'll let anyone suggest names for N, and Google says it'll search through them to pick out a final name.Google has not said anything in detail about what the selection process will be like .
Google has released the developer preview earlier which shows it has got some awesome  features like split screen, improved java 8 support, efficiency  with Doze etc.

Here are some of the suggested names for Android N :

        Neyyappam, New York Cheesecake, nacho, nut brittle, nashi pear, navel orange, and noodle are all featured in the video.
       Whatever you do, please don't suggest Narshmallow or Nutcho. Both are terrible ideas.
      Google has said that the name you submit should start with N 
How to name Android N : Name Submission Guideline 

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