In And Out Of Google I/O 2016 : All The Latest News About The Google's Tech Feast

      Hello peps !!! A very interesting tech festival is going around. You all would know about the Technology Giant Google's I/O 2016. Here are the latest news about The Google I/O 2016. Google I/O 2016  has announced a list of products expected to make their mark this year. Here are the very interesting news about the Tech feast of Google.

          Are you interested in naming Google's Android  " N " Version then  Look on to  : Android N  And Submit Your Suggestions. 

Google I/O 20016

What is Google I/O 2016  ?
        Google I/O 2016 brings together developers for an immersive, three-day experience focused on exploring the next generation of technology, mobile and beyond.
     It's no doubt Google has decided to take on Apple this time, with a great move into artificial intelligence via Google Assistant. Not to forget that Microsoft has its cross-platform Cortana, working on iOS, Android and Windows.
Google has Named its Google Assistant as Google Now
    Google's CEO Sundar Pichai introduced this language processing platform that provides a two-way dialogue with Google. In his demo, he did a search about 'The Revenant' that went on to show reviews and options to buy tickets.
Google assistant

       It is a Bluetooth-powered tabletop speaker that lets the user stream multimedia content to a linked display since it supports Google Cast. It can answer questions via Google search.
       Reminders and timers can be set with Google Home, making its name more meaningful. It also recognises multiple voices and the user can customise colors.
      If all these ring a bell, rewind to 2014: Amazon launches the Echo, the voice-enabled device with Alexa inside, which has most of the above features.
Google Home

      Allo is a messaging app that has it all. It has the Google Assistant built in, so you can chat with a friend and do a Google search at the same time.
Get Google Allo messaging App from play store : Allo
      The app recognizes pictures, make reservations for restaurants and contains stickers and emoji s. But all this will be learnt by the app over time, taking its cues from various chat apps and rolling them into one neat little package.
Google Allo app

       Smartphones are getting smarter apps day by day. But this one takes the cake. Duo is a video chatting app that lets both the parties see each other before even answering your calls.
Get the Duo App from play store :  Google Duo
        It may be hard not to ignore calls after this. For most of us, if we say we’re five minutes away, it means we’re just getting ready.

        Hey buddy !!! These days you had a great doubt whats is Android N ? What the N represents ? Weather it is Neyyappam? Nachos? Nutella? Noodles? What will the next OS be named? Always with a sweet tooth, Google had named its previous Android versions Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice-cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Kit Kat, and the latest one, Marshmallow. Google is now accepting naming ideas from its users. Those interested in naming the new android version can submit your suggestions .
       Are you interested in naming Google's  Android N  then Look on to  : Android N
      My entry was 'Nutella,' of course. What's yours? Many compatriots are trying to convince Sundar Pichai to name the next version as Neyyappam with a #Neyyappam hashtag!

      Virtual reality on Android? No longer just a dream. Android N comes with a VR mode. It has a headset and a program for developers to create VR content and experiences, and a remote control. Enclosing the user in a virtual world, the demo at the I/O conference showed a drumset that can be virtually used. Microsoft is also working on Hololens, which is more of an augmented reality, meaning the UI will blend in with the real room. Fascinating!
Day Dream VR

        We can now use apps on our smartwatch, play games, attend calls and so on. But the 2.0 goes a bit forward with the phone not needed nearby. It just needs a Wi-Fi connection.The second best part about the update is that Google is giving two keyboards, one with handwriting and a full-fledged keyboard. It also has the Smart Reply option which provides contextual responses to incoming messages. At present, only third-party apps help in typing replies. But who in their sane minds want to swipe and type on a < 2 inch display anyway?
Android Wear 2.0

Studio 2.2
      Google's app development platform, Android Studio, which was used to create 92% of the top 125 Android apps, gets a number of changes in the 2.2 version. This update mainly focuses on faster app creation. The platform includes a portfolio of new features , ranging from UI designs to newer ways in app debugging.
Android instant apps
         This is probably the best of all updates released at this conference. Instant apps is exactly what is sounds like. Users can use apps without even installing it. On a browser, Google Play runs the app with just a click. Like portable apps for windows machines.This lets anyone with a slow connection use apps when in need. For example, someone sends you a story they find interesting in a popular magazine app. You don't have the app, but you want to see it. Now this feature helps you load the content in the app, even though its not installed. Hologram like? You decide. Google certainly topped our expectations with this one.
       This year Google's effort in operating system  is more than the last year . And i'm sure it will overcome Apple in all form.


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