Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top 20 Interesting facts about a Smartphone addict you may have never crossed until now

       Hey peps !!!! The idea that new technology is revolutionary is overstated, but if there’s one device that has truly transformed our lives in the last few years, it’s the smartphone.Our smartphones are with us all the time. They keep us in contact with loved ones. They record important moments in our lives. They offer easy access to the depths of human knowledge and the delights of our creativity. They entertain us when we are bored. They guide us when we are lost. They keep us company when we are lonely.       

     Smartphones are enormously useful, but sometimes their allure can prove too strong. We feel compelled to respond to them, even if it means ignoring the people we’re with. They wake us in the night, interrupting our sleep. We feel anxious or naked when they are not there. They interrupt our work and our play. Are we obsessed with these miraculous devices? Is it compulsion that causes us to prioritize our phones above other things? Is there such a thing as smartphone addiction?

Smartphone addiction is real, but rare

Here are 20 Weird Things You Might Do if You Are a Smartphone Addict : ahahahahah !!!!

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