Top 100 free softwares for Windows

     Hello peps !!! Its long time we are talking about softwares . There are many softwares worldwide to serve your need. They are licensed or free of cost. But all the classes of people wont go for the licensed ware at it costs more .Though there are many  free softwares you may have  queries

Which one is the best software ?
From where should i get those free softwares?
What that software will actually do?

These are some of the queries a normal guy has when he searches for the software on the web.

Chill out !!!! I have made a great platform for all leading free softwares in the world in this article.




3D Graphics:


Anti Spyware:

Audio Players:

Audio Tools:

CD/DVD Burning:

Compression / Decompression:

Photo manipulation and image design:

Pop-up Blockers:

RSS Readers:

System Information and monitoring:

Video codecs:

Video players :

Web browsers:

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