Take Care – Emergency App

     Hello folks !!! Safety is always a very important thing in life. Though we think that we are safe, in real its not like that we are not safe all time .An instance for it, when you are going to a strange place where there is no  existence of people as that in urban on the way , you are caught to an stranger what happen ??? how will you be helped. yeah !!!! don't worry I have found a new app to Take Care of you those times . This could be the best ever app for people in emergencies . Use it ,Its  cares you ......

     Take Care is a free ICE (in case of emergency) application that is available for android devices. With Take care, its more simpler for people around you to inform your emergency contacts in case of emergency.

Take Care buddies with Take Care .................

                       STEPS TO USE TAKE CARE :

1. Get it from play store. Installation takes only few minutes as it is less than 2 MB.

Take Care - Emergency Contacts Screenshot 1
2. Select the emergency contacts and set them according to your priority.

Take Care - Emergency Contacts Screenshot 2

3. After setting it right, you have to toggle “Add Contacts On Lock Screen” button ON.

Take Care - Emergency Contacts Screenshot 3

4. You are done. From now on, the emergency contact list appears on your device’s lock screen.

Take Care - Emergency Contacts Screenshot 4

5. No matter whichever the screen lock is, Take Care works well with all.

Take Care. Be Safe

     Then, a small rectangular field is allotted to display single contact (emergency contact 1). The forward arrow at the right corner of the box shows the next contact (emergency contact 2 and so on). The close symbol to the left of the box will hide the emergency contact list from the lock screen. The next time you turn your screen ON, the box appears again. You can also move the box to any desired location on your device’s screen.

      It is preferred that you select your emergency contact list as per your location. For instance, if you are in Chennai, you should select the Emergency contacts list with Chennai people. Last nut not the least, this application is best when you want your trusted persons to get SOS on you in case of emergency. With SOS, we didn’t mean that you would get a message, it is more of a call that is made by people around you.

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