Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Google Fiber Phone at $10- Exclusive

  Hello peps !!! Day-by-day there are updations and new releases in technology. Let it be food , textile , mobile services etc.In all fields there is some  updations. In the market there are many tech giants like Google , Facebook, Twitter who releases new products updatons frequently. Now Google has released a new product called Google fiber phone. 

    Let's see about the latest product release of the Giant - Google Fiber Phone


     Google has just announced Fiber Phone, confirming rumors that the company would be adding a home telephone service to its existing Fiber high-speed internet and cable TV offerings. "While mobile phones have pushed us toward the future, home phone service is still important to many families," John Shriver-Blake, Fiber's product manager, wrote in a blog post.

      Fiber Phone costs $10 per month, and gives you unlimited local and nationwide calling. When you need to place an international call, the rates are identical to Google Voice. Fiber Phone borrows other features from Voice, too. Your "Fiber number lives in the cloud," according to Google. we can use it on almost any phone, tablet or laptop. It can ring your landline when you’re home, or your mobile device when you’re on-the-go . By contrast, my TV at home (Cablevision) can tell me when someone's calling, but I can't answer those calls with my phone or tablet. 

      Fiber Phone isn't launching in all of Fiber's current cities; instead, it'll be rolling out in phases. Interested users can sign up here, though you'll need a "Fiber Phone box" that works with existing handsets to place calls at home. The introduction of phone service (and thus a potential triple play package) makes Google look a bit more like your typical cable provider, but we doubt Google will push it on customers to such an aggressive and annoying extent.

For more information about the new google product look on to : Google Fiber


Get ready for Fiber Phone :

   Since Google  can’t bring Fiber Phone to everyone at the same time, they are doing it in phases. Get all the new updates of google fiber phone . You’ll be among the first to know when it’s available in your area. 

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