Saturday, March 12, 2016

Google fiber 1000 times faster than it is today

Hello buddies !!! Did you ever think of  the internet  which will have  a transmission speed of 1Gbps ? Surely  I can bet you , no man on the world would think so crazy  . But its quite  true now .yeah !!! Google is working on the very ambitious project called Google Fiber where they are aiming to provide internet service at 1Gbps .
But recently Google has planed to make its super fast internet service Google Fiber even faster .This is something mind blowing .Now their plan is to provide the internet service at a speed of 1Tbps.

Is it possible to provide the internet service at 1Tbps speed.

Know how Google makes the internet service possible at 1Tbps. 

Google Fiber is already at the top of the list of the fastest and most reliable internet services, and the firm is planning to make the service 1,000 times faster still. This means Google Fiber might be the first internet service to feature speeds at Terabits per second, but it seems like a highly ambitious project.

One has to wonder whether it is even possible to have internet speeds that fast and the kind of processing power that can handle such workloads.Google Fiber currently reaches speeds above 1 Gigabit per second(1 Gbps)  which is almost 100 times faster than the basic megabit speeds offered by other companies .The company has already introduced the service in numerous states and towns

Google Fiber has become a darling to many because of its fast internet speeds combined with fair pricing.  The fact that the company is planning to do research on terabit speeds also doesn’t guarantee that it will become a reality very soon. The project might take years to perfect and even longer to implement if successful.

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