Best Technology News Of 2015

    Hello techkish visitors !!! i have got you a very interesting technology news today.This is going to be a great news that would make you know many info about tech that gone over in 2015 but still have the existence for the future years too.the thing is that Tech News That Defined 2015.I have suffered a lot for the great technologies that showed the year 2015 in technology field.and as a result i found a awesome info and i have showed you up here.Read the news enjoy the feast !!!!

The Biggest Tech News of 2015

     Driverless carsbatteries that could power both vehicles and homes, super-accessible virtual reality, the digital assistants that are learning how we drive, shop and live -- the list of innovations and promising gadgets grew in 2015. But policy and business may be what changes the tech landscape in 2016. Here are five things to watch in the new year.

Yahoo’s Struggle for a Comeback

    Yahoo was a household name and perhaps the most popular search engine in the U.S. during the 1990s, but its latest CEO, Marissa Mayer, has struggled to revive the fading company. In 2015, she calls to replace her this past year as her acquisition of numerous tech companies like Tumbler have failed to revitalize its advertising revenue, contemplated spinning off it's valuable Alibaba stock and, finally, decided to reverse the spin and break off it's core operating business instead.

   Yahoo has invested heavily in mobile devices, which could gain it more advertising revenue as the social networking business heads in that direction, but for now the company is a cautionary tale to other entrepreneurs of the changing fortunes of the tech industry.

Hackers Kill Privacy

     Online thieves looted customer payment information last year from companies like Target and Neiman Marcus, but things really got personal when they targeted the private information of tens of millions of Americans.  

    Hackers stole information from the Office of Personnel Management on as many as 21 million people, including millions of federal employees with security clearances. Thieves based in China are suspected to be the culprits, which prompted President Barack Obama and China's President Xi Jinping to agree not to hack private sector networks in their two nations for profit.

     Hackers also hit on a non-government level: Data breaches, a site that arranges extramarital affairs, exposed the names, addresses and credit card payments of up to 37 million people. 

    Even highly personal medical records became a target in 2015. Hacks of healthcare providers including Anthem, Premera and BlueCross Blue Shield led to the theft of approximately 100 million health records.

   Whatever steps are taken in 2016 to address cybersecurity and bring hackers to justice, people will begin the year with fewer illusions that their privacy is assured.

Net Neutrality Outlaws Meddling With Download Speeds

  The Obama administration achieved one of its top goals in 2015 when the Federal Communications Commission passed net neutrality rules that aim to preserve competition online by treating all Internet traffic equally.

    Republicans and Democrats split along party lines about whether the rules would increase the government's ability to regulate the Internet, and are still being challenged in court by industry groups like the U.S. Telecom Association. These contests will likely continue for years to come, as the rules seek to prevent companies like Comcast from charging extra for faster download speeds when that money is not needed to meet infrastructure expenses.  

   If the rules remain in place then consumers and companies will be protected from paying unfair costs for Internet use, enabling equal opportunity for every website and service on U.S. networks.

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