100th Post : Open Talk My time in Blogging TECHkish

     Hello TECHkish visitors i'm very happy to inform you all  TECHkish has successfully posted its 100th post now.I(Natty Kish) would like to give an open talk about my blogging experience..............

            Open Talk : my TIME in blogging "TECHkish

          I Hari kishan (Natty Kish) the author of TECHkish would like to  give a open talk how i made my blog to come up among several crores of blogs on the web. I open........

     Hi My lovable unique visitors ,I started blogging on 11-10-2014 (my birthday) since i want to do something new on the day i just started it.I was doing my 3rd year in Information Technology when i started blogging.since im a Technical guy i just created a blog.I craeted it with   the domain name kishnatty.blogspot.com .But i just did these just as a fun.But soon fun made me to win. 

    Since i'm a technical guy i wanted to make a blog which should be a Technical one. I wanted to be updated with technology and from those info's i thought to share it to my people so that they too will be updated.Keeping this in  my mind ,On the day (11-10-2014) i posted my first post "it was about Snapchat".

   I don't even know how a blog should be ? ,how should i post my toughts in my blog ? , how should i post the technical info's on my blog ? . Like these there was many queries in my mind about blogging.Despite i had another thought "We Can Learn To Do Things ".This was my only thought after my first post.

LEARN TO DO THINGS  -Author's Quote (Natty Kish)

    The same way i started to learn things about blogging. I searched for many articles on web how a blog should be ? ,how should i post my thoughts in blog ? , how should i post the technical info's on my blog ? my Spirit to Learn things paved me way to grow longer in blogging.

    Then i posted my second post it was about a smartphone,I posted the info with the mobile features,mobile models,its price etc and that post made my blog to be known to many peoples around the world.The second post got many views than i expected. I was even stunned !!!.Then i came to know posting a article should cover the auidence to get more views and shares.So after that i started posting info's which was attracting people Wants the most.

    After a long journey of more than 100 days i posted my 50th post .If felt very happy and i dont even have words that time because its all Because Of My "UNIQUE TECHkish VISITORS".I thanked a lot for my visitors for a great success of my blog on my 50th post.But now i dont even have words to express my thanks to my visitors because they made a thing for me in SUPPORTING MY BLOG "TECHkish".Thanks a lot guys !!!!!. My Visitors support urged me to do blogging consistently. 

    After my 50th post i started posting in a different way with new theme and got a domain name "www.techkish.in" .With all new settings in my blog the contents i posted was also different which made new visitors to come into my blog.This too was a miracle because,it was more than my expectations.

     Soon i developed an app for my blog named "TECHkish" to make my visitors very easy to look in to my blog.It worked a lot.In the result of developing an app for my blog i got many visitors yet again.

   My blog has got many info's like technology contents,news about gadgets,lastet technology info's ,info's and news on smartphones, news about android,Technology facts and so on....

     I worked on these things so i used surfa lot for my visitors and finally i post things in my blog.

    Today i have posted my 100th post in my blog "TECHkish" though it was by me, without my lovable unique visitors nothing would have happened.I don't have word to greet you guys but "Thanks a lot".I need support from you all to grow my blog to a peak more than what i expect.These all will only only if you (TECHkish visitors) support my blogging.

    I promise you all I will bring you many interesting things, info's,news about the latest technologies and the technology from the scratch too. 


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