Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kavikirukan Publishing Kavithai Kirukanin Parvayil on 11-10-2015

hi viewers!!

I'm happy to inform you all , i'm publishing my new blog KAVITHAI KIRUKANIN PARYAVIL on 11-10-2015(tomorrow). the blog is all about kavithaigal(poems in tamil ). 

I love to write poems from my childhood and now i want to expose my thoughts and words which i have written in my poems to the world.

so ,i'm going to publish my new blog Kavikirukanin Parvayil  the blog will be active from tomorrow( 11-10-2015).

i hope so i will the viewers support for my new blog as of from you for the TECHkish  blog .

Hari Kishan

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