Saturday, November 22, 2014


Hello friends, last thursday i have attended a technical seminar conducted by the VMware company in chennai.It turned out to be an unusual technical seminar for me.Because i was stuned when i heared the new developments made by the company to its software.Many things made me to feel incredible.i learnt many new technologies made by the company.There are many awesome things to say .By their new development if  a fellow tries to install 200 apps in a desktop it usually takes appx of 180min for a highly configured system but using this new technology we can install the within a small amount of time appx (10min).like this there are many developements are made by the company in their new release.this seminar was truely a good experience for me.

 I  hvae many more to share with you guys. i want to say about the VMware briefly. many would have not heard about the VMware.i will share you the brief informations about the VMware.
Do you know about virtualization ?
what is virtualization ?
   he is what virtualization : 

The VMware is a company which


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