Friday, October 24, 2014


 WINDOWS10 Start menu: Welcome to the future

Here's the Windows 10 Start menu, as it exists in build 9860 -- and it will certainly change before Win10 hits the stands. An experienced Win7 user will immediately identify the menu list on the left as a familiar standby, and no doubt realize that the Metro tiles on the right are vestiges of a long-forgotten civilization. If you don't like the tiles, right-click on each and choose Unpin, and they're gone.Aside from the cosmetic reworkings -- the power options are at the top, next to the name, for example -- the general layout of the left side should feel comfortable.What's not so obvious: Very significant changes lurk under that familiar face.All in all, though, Windows 10 looks to have somewhat righted the Start ship that Windows 8 attempted to sink in favor of Metro.

Hari Kishan

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