Monday, September 18, 2017

    Hey fellas, Today I have got you something very interesting,yeah the high buzz Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale has got a new bid game Bid and Win,Let's  understand What’s ‘Bid and Win’and  How it Works.

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    The Flipkart Big 10 Sale, scheduled between May 14 and May 18, marks the company being in business for a decade, and is a big deal for the company. While fashion, TVs, home appliances, and furniture will be on discount between May 14 and May 18, the sale on smartphones, electronics, and accessories will start on May 15 and last till May 18. While the Flipkart sale will provide discounts of up to 80 percent on certain products, there’s also the ‘Bid and Win’ part of the sale, details of which many consumers are not aware of. Here’s a primer on what Flipkart Big 10 Sale's Bid and Win is, how it works, and the fine print you need to know.

    What is Flipkart Big 10 Sale’s Bid and Win offer?

    Flipkart Big 10 Sale’s Bid and Win offer is centred on allowing customers to place bid on certain products, and the bid with the lowest-unique amount will win. The winner (who placed a unique bid with the lowest sum) will then have the option to purchase the product at the price they placed the bid on. Once the winner of a particular bid is announced, they will have to complete the purchase within 24 hours.

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    How does Flipkart ‘Bid and Win’ offer work?

    To participate in the Flipkart Bid and Win offer, you need to be 18 years or above in age, and must have an account on the e-commerce platform. The Flipkart homepage will have a widget with the products on which bids are being run; bidding period will be between 12am to 11:59pm each day.

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    In order to win, customers need to place unique bids of lowest value. For example, a Rs. 18,000 smartwatch can receive two bids of Rs. 15,000, one of Rs. 16,481.35, and one of Rs. 15,423. Of these, the winner will be the bid that values the smartwatch at Rs. 15,423, if no-one else bid that exact number. The Rs. 15,000 bids were disqualified because there were two bids of the same amount, while the Rs. 16,481.35 did not make the cut because the winning bid quoted a lower amount.

    The winning bid will be announced 12 hours after the bidding ends on the offer page, and the winners will be intimated via their registered email address. They will have the option to buy the product at the quoted price, excluding delivery charges (if applicable). 

    How to redeem the Flipkart Big 10 Sale's Bid and Win offer?

    To redeem the Flipkart Big 10 Sale's Bid and Win offer, they will need to head to the My Rewards section in their account within 48 hours of the bid period ending. If they click on the link in the My Rewards section, they will have to purchase the product within 24 hours, or forfeit the offer.

    Other Flipkart Big 10 Sale offers

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    Apart from the Bid and Win offer, the Flipkart Big 10 Sale comes with up to 50 percent discounts on smartphones, up to 40 percent off on electronics such as iPad tablets, laptops, cameras, etc. TVs and consumer durables will have discounts between 20 percent and 60 percent in the Flipkart Big 10 Sale. 20 shoppers stand to win free trips to Kuala Lumpur, and those who purchase goods worth Rs. 2,000 will get MakeMyTrip Hotels gift card worth Rs. 2,500. There’s a 10 percent instant discount on HDFC Bank credit cards, and 30 percent cashback on purchases made via PhonePe, the Yes Bank and Flipkart-powered UPI solution.

    Saturday, September 2, 2017

    Hi Folks,I have got some interesting news for you. Yeah !! Google Chrome on Saturday completed its 9th anniversary. The web browser, launched by search engine giant Google on September 2, 2008, has undergone so many updates since then. As the browser completes its 9 years today, I have brought to you 11 hidden features EVERY Chrome user needs to know :

    Lets see the Google Chrome's top 11 hidden features:

    1. Watch Movies On Your TV

    Google Chrome is a solid media player. Drag and drop an image or video file into a new tab to start playback.
    If you want to watch on a bigger screen, you can Cast your video to the big screen by heading to the Chrome Settings menu, then tapping Cast.

    2. Hidden T-Rex Game

    Google has programmed an addictive little game into one of the most annoying screens on Chrome.
    Whenever Chrome warns you that it is "Unable To Connect To The Internet", simply tap the spacebar to launch an endless running game.
    Tap the spacebar again to make the sprinting dinosaur jump over the obstacles.
    Google Chrome browser tips and tricks
    Google Chrome has a hidden game when users are offline

    3. Re-Open Tabs You've Accidentally Closed

    Accidentally closed a Chrome tab that you were still using? No problem.
    Simply head to File > Reopen Closed Tab to bring it right back.

    4. Navigate Your Tabs Without A Mouse

    Retire your mouse by holding down the Control key (or Command on macOS) and then tapping any number keys between 1 and 9.
    Each of these numbers is associated with a different tab in your Chrome browser, with 1 starting all the way to the left.

    Google Chrome’s hidden retro game: Atari Breakout

    5. Compose an Email from your Address Bar

    Google Chrome really is a one-stop-shop kind of application. 
    Typing mailto: followed by the email address of your recipient into the address bar and hitting enter speeds up your email.
    Chrome will launch your default mail client, with the recipient already filled-out.

    6. Clear Your Browsing, Cookies and Cached data

    Embarrassed by your recent Google Chrome activity?
    Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar and hit enter.
    You can then choose exactly what data to ditch, and save yourself from any embarrassment.

    7. Go Incognito 

    And if you want to avoid having to replicate the last tip, do your browsing in an Incognito tab.
    This means Google will not save your web history or form data.
    Load a new Incognito tab by heading to File > New Incognito Window.

    8. Find Android Smartphones

    Struggling to find your Android smartphone? Just type Find My Phone into the address bar and Google will launch a page that helps you locate your missing mobile.
    Of course, you'll have to be logged in with the same account across both browsers to make use of this feature.

    9. Personalise Chrome

    Redecorate your Google Chrome web browser with a new look from the Chrome Theme store.
    Paste the following URL in your address bar,

    10. Cast To The Big Screen

    Fancy doing your web browsing on a bigger screen?
    The latest version of Google Chrome lets you share whatever is on your screen with a ChromeCast with just a few clicks.
    Navigate to the tab you'd like to see on your TV, then click on the Chrome Settings menu, followed by Cast.

    11. Do A Barrel Roll

    Anyone who has ever played Nintendo's classic video game Star Fox will appreciate this one.
    Type the phrase Do A Barrel Roll into the address bar and hit Enter your Google search results mimic the classic N64 evasive manoeuvre.

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    Hello fellas, this blog post is after a long eight month break.I left my so-called ‘baby’ for so long due to many reasons – work, holidays, exhaustion and most of all, lack of self-motivation. And I quickly realized motivating yourself to keep on blogging is not the hardest part. 

    Coming back with “bags of enthusiasm”, new ideas, and most of all – grasping the fact that your own work has been left out there for so long was the most difficult thing. I had this weird feeling of guilt that I failed myself, my ‘own thing’ wasn’t going to be successful and so cool anymore.

    Keep in touch with TECHkish - lets get back in further posts 

    Wednesday, January 11, 2017

        Hey Fellas, Google's Go was 2016's programming language of the year, says the TIOBE Index , a highly-regarded resource for ranking the popularity of programming languages.

    goldy the gopher minnesota goldy gophers

    While the TIOBE Index only catalogues the relative popularity of programming languages via search engines, not how often they're acutally used in real life, it's a handy tool for figuring out what skills to learn if you're chasing a career in technology.
    Every year, this award goes to " the programming language that has gained the most popularity in a year." And "without hardly any competition Go has won the award for 2016," TIOBE writes. Plus, TIOBE says that among its paying customers, it's seeing more interest in Go in industrial settings.
    Since 2009, Google has been overseeing the community-led development of Go - a programming language aimed at helping web developers build apps at Google's scale and Google's speed, with a focus on rock-solid performance and ease of use, rather than chasing after the latest fads in programming.
    Go has won its fair share of fans in programmer-land , not least because it provides a viable alternative to Oracle's Java, which has ruled the world of computer programming for the last two decades. Google's been using Go internally to power things like its download servers, where you grab stuff like the Chrome install files.

    Languages to watch in 2017 : 

          The runner-ups for programming language of the year, per TIOBE, were Dart (another Google-led programming language, incidentally) and Perl, a NASA-created language renowned for its reliability, if not its elegance.
    Other movers and shakers on the list include Facebook's Hack , which shot up to 51st place on the list from 67 in 2015, and Julia, a language that shot up from 73rd to 52nd place.
    The TIOBE Index expects that in 2017, the favored candidates for programming language of the year will include Apple's Swift, Julia, the Microsoft'created TypeScript, and the ever-popular C++.
    Incidentally, back in August 2016, the C programming language -t he legendary programming language invented in 1972 and still widely used - recorded its lowest-ever score on the TIOBE Index since its creation in 2001 . It looks like C finished 2016 with a lower score still, showing signs of fading even as its offshoot C++ gains on it quickly.

    Monday, December 26, 2016

       Hey Fellas , Alas !!! There will be no further updates to the CyanogenMod  OS, no more nightly builds and no further security updates.
    cyanogenmod shutdown
    Cyanogen, the company responsible for the commercialisation of CyanogenMod is to cease all operations by the end of 2016. Phones that run the OS, like the original OnePlus handset, will need to switch to the Open Source version of the OS.
    The company had some success selling its OS to manufacturers like WileyFox and OnePlus that lacked the resources to build their own customised Android interfaces. And it's true to say that the mod, in its early form, was the go-to build for people who wanted more features than Android offered in the Google build. Sadly, the most high-profile customer OnePlus pulled the plug and moved to its own build of Android called OxygenOS.
    The open source project upon which Cyanogen was based can, and probably will, continue. The big problem it now faces is the same as any Android mod, namely time and resources. It's hard to make money on mods, and with Android getting more and more capable every iteration mods are also less necessary than they were when Cyanogen first started out.
    While continuing is a likely, it won't be easy and the CyanogenMod team made a statement describing the shutdown as "[a] death blow". It will certainly be hard to continue without resources and that leaves those who no longer have official support with handsets that won't get security patches. This is a major problem, and many of those users probably won't want to move themselves over to the open source version of the OS.
    So is it a surprise we're here? Not really, just last month Forbes Contributor Ryan Whitwam posted that the company was cutting back, reducing staff numbers and would ultimately close completely.

    Cyanogen Inc. - Image credit: Eric Millette For Forbes
    One of the most astonishing quotes I've ever read about Cyanogen was right here, on Forbes, back in 2015. It came from Kirt McMaster, CEO of Cyanogen, and he said "We're putting a bullet through Google's head". This was everything a soundbite needed to be, crass and attention grabbing. Sadly though - and I did mutter this to myself at the time - it was nothing more than an empty threat.
    The problem is, it's hard to put a bullet in the head of a company which makes the thing you based your product on. Cyanogen was nothing without the Android Open Source Project, which is the unrestricted version of Google's Android OS. Usually, it's packaged without the Google Play Services which make Android such a powerful proposition. It's hard to turn this into a workable version of Android unless you can source an alternative app store too. However, Cyanogen did manage to make a deal with Google that allowed it to package its services along with the OS it sold to third-parties.
    One thing is clear though, it's really hard to beat Google at its own game. Cyanogen was a product that offered Android phone owners an alternative to the heavily customised UIs of their phones. But since, Google has released devices like the Pixel and Samsung, LG and Sony have all paired back the level of customisation they add to devices - partly in response to Cyanogen and other mods.
    Cyanogen gave us a lot of good stuff in the world of Android phones. We should thank them - certainly the open source project, of not the incorporated company that will fold soon. It's possible to argue that this OS made everything better in Android. Who knows, perhaps even Google was paying attention?

    Thursday, December 1, 2016

         Hi buddies after a long time i have come with a very serious issue running around in the Android technology world .Yeah !! First, I'm really sorry for the long break, as I was engaged with some important projects I wasn't able to reach the blog. Now I gonna talk about the serious and vulnerable issue running around . Yeah !! Android smartphone users have another malware to worry about, one that can get access to data on their Gmail, Google Photos, etc. Gooligan Malware has affected over 1 million devices and is a serious threat, according to a report by security firm Check Point Research. In a blogpost Check Point, revealed that “the attack campaign, named Gooligan, breached the security of over one million Google accounts,” and that it continues to attack over 13,000 new devices on a daily basis.
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          According to the security firm, the malware “steals authentication tokens that can be used to access data from Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, G Suite, Google Drive, and more,” which is a serious flaw. Check Point says it is in touch with Google Security Team and is working with them to find out the source of this malware campaign.

    what exactly is Gooligan and how serious is the issue?

     Gooligan, Gooligan Malware, Android Malware, Google, Google Android, Android Malware new, Gooligan Malware impact, Android, Android Malware problems, Android new Malware, How to Check for Gooligan
           According to the research firm, it affects Android Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop users, which is basically 74 per cent of the phones in the market. Unsurprisingly over 57 per cent of these phones are in Asia. The firm says they found multiple fake applications which were infected with the malware and those who’ve download these apps will find their devices are impacted by Gooligan. Check Point’s website has a full list of apps that are infected by this on their official blog.

    How to check if you’re infected? What to do if you are?

            Check Point has a website created called (https) where users can enter their Gmail address and check if it was breached. For those whose accounts were breached, Check Point recommends flashing your phone, and a reinstallation of the OS on the mobile device. It is best to get this done at an authorised service centre and it is also recommended that users change their Google account password after doing so.

    How does it impact your Android phone?

            Check Point says it found malware code for Gooligan in several third-party Android app stores, while some of these apps are installed using phishing scams. They first found the code in the malicious SnapPea app last year, and other security vendors had also reported this malware.
           According to the blog, “Logs collected by Check Point researchers show that every day Gooligan installs at least 30,000 apps fraudulently on breached devices or over 2 million apps since the campaign began.”
            One the infected app is installed, “it sends data about the device to the campaign’s Command and Control (C&C) server.” From there a rootkit is downloaded on the device, thanks to several security patches missing from phones running Android 4, 5. The rootkit then gives hacked full control of the device, who can then run “privileged commands remotely,” and steal authorised tokens which bypasses the need for two-factor authentication.
             Gooligan also injects a new “malicious module” into Google Play, which allows it to steal email data, install app from the Store and raise their ranking, install adware, etc. Check Point found how victims had left ratings, reviews for some apps even when they had no knowledge of installing the app.

    Saturday, October 29, 2016

                Hey buddies , A new “Stranger Things” sticker pack is now available for download in Google Allo, featuring exclusive artwork inspired by the show. So whether you’re researching how to create a DIY Eleven costume with friends or debating whether Barb will reappear in season two, we got you covered. 


               These stickers aren’t the only new thing in Google Allo this week. You can now reply to messages directly from your notifications on Android and iOS. So if you’re cooking up a French Onion Barb, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to reply back to friends. 

       03-box-transparent hi res.png

                  Google added support for Android N so you can take advantage of its features. With split-screen mode you can now chat with friends and rewatch season one at the same time. App shortcuts help you quickly start a new conversation from the home screen. And for iOS users,Google has brought the ability to doodle on your photos to iOS, so you can craft a masterpiece before sharing in Google Allo.